Seize the Day

The Christian mandate is to live a life of love in the moment one is living, but plans get in the way and create conflict.

Signs of Life

The call of faith is to trust in God, every step, in all circumstances, resulting in a life of visible love.

Thirty Cans of Beer and a Red Dixie Cup

The trap is to believe that an act of compassion only benefits the recipient, but the giver receives a higher return. In giving compassion, one is conforming to the pattern of Christ.

The Day Cod Came to Work

When we quiet the voices that say we deserve better, the voice of God becomes evident. We can truly live the life of love to which God has called.


With every craving and desire screaming for dominance, the voice of God can be hard to hear. How do we make sense of it all amid all the chaos?

When the Waves Come Crashing Down

Instead of “calm the wave” our prayer ought to be that our character remain pure in Christ so that we are not a wave to others.