About Me

Hi! I’m Christopher Nikkel, and welcome to A Few Thoughts. I’m glad you are here.I am a pastor, musician, father of four, and a lover of coffee. Having served in churches in Tennessee, California, and New Mexico, I find myself on a new journey. Recently relocating to my hometown of Sacramento, California, my children and I are adjusting to a new beginning. The future is ahead, and God will lead where he will lead.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry from Nazarene Bible College, I learned theology, Scripture, and the historic Christian faith. While this provided a great educational foundation for ministry, I began to see the ineffectiveness of the church in today’s world. This was apparent in my own life as well. The Sunday School answers seemed inadequate. I decided to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Missional Leadership at Northwest Nazarene University, and received that degree in 2016. With this foundation I am endeavoring to discover how I can reflect the light of Jesus in my culture.

Join me on this quest! How can we, together, be the church? There is a world desperately needing love, and our Savior is shining light in a dark world. Our Father wants us to join in on what he is already doing. Let’s discover how we may live the love of Christ in a world needing purpose.